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Terms for Cancellation or Return/Refund: or its mobile application is operated by the firm Mutechie (, established in 2020, registered in Bengaluru, India. We wish you to love what you have ordered from us, but if something went wrong, let us know. You may contact the vendor directly or our customer care detailed on the Contact Us page to report any issues on functionality and we will resolve the same. Once the Service booking is made, cancellation is not allowed and no refund will applicable on cancellation.

Refund shall be made under following conditions:

a)      Booking or Order was cancelled by us.

b)      Professional did not respond or visit the site.

c)      Did not receive the ordered part.

2. A refund can only be requested in case of service failure, our team will evaluate if an order qualifies for a refund and the decision of our management will be final. The refund amount in no circumstances can exceed the amount paid by customer; we are not liable for any loss or claim beyond the amount actually paid by customer.

3. Any discounted or exempted amount cannot be claimed for refund.

4. Any extra amount credited to AtHomes/Mutechie account may be considered for order enhancement but will not be refundable.

5. In Subscription or Monthly Ordering, if the vendor is failed to deliver the item, the credits will be continued for the next schedule delivery. In no circumstances refund will be initiated except the above circumstances.

6. Online Delivery may amend its Cancellation and Refund Policy from time to time. If we make any substantial changes in the way we use your personal information we will notify you by email, push notes or an announcement on the website.

Any disputes on the quality should be resolved within the customer and the related vendor only. Whereas escalations related to nonresponse by the vendors can be communicated to AtHomes customer care. For any further query please contact us on, we would love to assist you.